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Company that manufactures cyanoacrylates,
anaerobic products, adhesives and sealants.



Anaeróbicos S.R.L
Management and Administration:
Dorrego 2150 1° piso B1640HUR
Martinez, Prov. Bs.As., Argentina.
Tel: 54 11 4898 5800
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Factory and Issuance:
Calle 117 n° 6274 B1655CTB
Villa Loma Hermosa. San Martín
Prov. de Bs.As., Argentina.
Tel: 54 11 4848 5555
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Industrial Plant:
Calle 108, entre 6 y  8 CP 5700
Parque Industrial Sur
San Luis, Pcia.de San Luis
Tel: 0266 4426-707
Fax: 0266 4429 571

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Trabasil Gas Series
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Interpretation of the acronyms of Trabasil
  Trabasil Gas Series  
  Anaerobic sealants for gas connections approved by the IGA [Instituto del Gas Argentino. -Argentine Gas Institute) For home and industrial installations. (Up to 4 Bar)
Safety and efficiency in handling gas connections according to standards established in industrialized countries. Connections are joined into a single unit which withstand high pressures, impacts, vibrations, and entirely eliminates gas leaks.
  Anaerobic sealants do not require mixes. Quality is constant and guaranteed and does not depend on the components or the way the mix is prepared. They do not contain solvents and do not contract. Non-toxic, not cancer inducing, do not emit noxious vapors.

Allow fast work: leave elbow pipes, tees and accessories without fully tightening. Save work and provide for a wide number of applications. Quality, safety, speed and economy guaranteed.

Trabasil Gas - Red
Registration No. 1573-1

- Strong torque and fast setting.
- Time before it can be put into service: 15 minutes.
- To be used when rapid service is required.

Presentation - Code: 15g - 300054
50g - 300055
See Pack
Usage chart (*)
Connection diameter
Applications for:










(*)Average usage obtained from professionals with experience in applying the product
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