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Company that manufactures cyanoacrylates,
anaerobic products, adhesives and sealants.



Anaeróbicos S.R.L
Management and Administration:
Dorrego 2150 1° piso B1640HUR
Martinez, Prov. Bs.As., Argentina.
Tel: 54 11 4898 5800
Fax: 54 11 4898 5811

Factory and Issuance:
Calle 117 n° 6274 B1655CTB
Villa Loma Hermosa. San Martín
Prov. de Bs.As., Argentina.
Tel: 54 11 4848 5555
Fax 54 11 4848 5561

Industrial Plant:
Calle 108, entre 6 y  8 CP 5700
Parque Industrial Sur
San Luis, Pcia.de San Luis
Tel: 0266 4426-707
Fax: 0266 4429 571

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Red Series - Threadlocking
Trabasil Gas Series
Green Series: Retaining cylindrical parts
Trabasil T Activator
Blue Series: Sealing
Trabasil L Safety Cleaner
High temperature Series
Mechanical Line
Orange Series: Structural adhesives
Uses of the Mechanical Line
Interpretation of the acronyms of Trabasil
  TRABASIL technology. Anaerobic adhesives are liquid resins that polymerize in the absence of oxygen and the catalyzing effect of metals. They fill 100% of any free gap or clearance, coating any surface roughness and joining the two pieces into a single unit which absorbs vibrations and impacts, while avoiding any loosening or wear of the joint. These products are also effective sealants and prevent rust forming on the surface. Any excess material which comes in contact with the air does not set, contaminate, stop up filters or stiffen valves, and can easily be removed and cleaned.

Anaerobic adhesives, with different of resistance to factors such as shear, temperature and pressure, among others, provide the means to cover all the fixing and sealing needs for mechanical parts.

Once the appropriate anaerobic product has been chosen the disassembly is performed with conventional tools and methods, depending on the use and the size of the pieces involved.
Anaerobic adhesives withstand temperatures from -50° C to +220°C, meeting the requirements of most mechanical assemblies.
Applications for this product are wide in range:
1) In maintenance work on heavy or lightweight industrial equipment, recovering worn parts and simplifying processes.
2) In repairs on transport vehicles and agricultural machinery of any kind.
3) In the manufacture of equipment, providing simpler, cheaper and longer-lasting designs.

TRABASIL avoids wear and deterioration. Viewed under the microscope the surfaces of mechanical parts are rough and contact between two surfaces is never achieved 100% but rather only at the peaks. And it is on these peaks that impacts and vibrations act, an invisible process that provokes slackening and wear at the joints and ultimately leads to loosening, off-centering, breakage and loss of gases and liquids. Anaerobic TRABASIL anaerobic adhesives fully occupy the free gaps left by the surface roughness, and avoid wear and tear, thus preventing this kind of deterioration.
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