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Company that manufactures cyanoacrylates,
anaerobic products, adhesives and sealants.



Anaeróbicos S.R.L
Management and Administration:
Dorrego 2150 1° piso B1640HUR
Martinez, Prov. Bs.As., Argentina.
Tel: 54 11 4898 5800
Fax: 54 11 4898 5811

Factory and Issuance:
Calle 117 n° 6274 B1655CTB
Villa Loma Hermosa. San Martín
Prov. de Bs.As., Argentina.
Tel: 54 11 4848 5555
Fax 54 11 4848 5561

Industrial Plant:
Calle 108, entre 6 y  8 CP 5700
Parque Industrial Sur
San Luis, Pcia.de San Luis
Tel: 0266 4426-707
Fax: 0266 4429 571

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Silicone sealants
  Industrial line 100% silicone
Professional line
Neutral Silicone
Industrial line 100% silicone
Professional line
  Oxime silicone
Polyurethane sealants


SILOC: Adhesives and sealants: silicone, polyurethane, butylic rubber, acrylic, synthetic.
Products are gathered according to specific technical characteristics in lines for industrial use and for professionals and the DIY market, complying with the most stringent demand of each sector.
Made from raw materials obtained through state of the art technology, their quality standards enable them to compete at international stages.
One-component, easy to use. Cure at room temperature.

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